our team:

    The backbone of the company and the secret of our success are the highly motivated employees. Regular advanced trainings take place to make sure that all employees are always up-to-date. Our team consists of:  Physicians of all specializations, Intensive care nurses and Paramedics.

range of service:

Qualified ambulance services all over Europe

Emergency doctor accompanied transports

Transfer from hospital to hospital (bed-to-bed)

Intensive care transports

Feeder and pick-up services to and from ambulance flights

Transfers from and to airports

Ambulance taxis

Driver-Guide service

Doctor Visits in Austria

Scheduled flight escorts


Martin Gstrein, from Rescue Alpine,  is one of several Medi Car trainees who helps to regularly train our staff, in order to provide them with the latest knowledge and information, according to the Austrian ‘Medic Training Law’.

In December 2015, all our employees undertook the annual training session for medical emergencies and transportations.

Programs such as:  Inter Alia; Life Saving Measurments; New guidelines for CPR’; ‘Special Storage Techniques of Patients’;  and ‘Recertification of our Paramedics’, were on the agenda.’

Furthermore, our Paramedics were trained on early defibrillation, with automatic and semi-automatic equipment .

This year, Mr. Fink Thomas, from “Life Pac 12“ as well as Mr. Lehner Stefan from ‘Dräger’ and Mr Thomas Krassnitzer from ‘Weimann’,  were guest speakers at Medi Car.

our own Workshop:

Medi Car  has a certified automobile repair shop.

Our cars are inspected and serviced  at regular times.Our car mechanic, Mr. Salchner Christian is a Master Craftsman, and is constantly  working to keep our vehicles fully ready, 24 hours per day, in order to transport our patients back to their home destiation.


we are constantly looking for motivated and qualified employees



Emergency Paramedics


for pan-European ambulance transports.

Please send your complete application to the attention of Mr. Christian Nagiller


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